marți, 2 decembrie 2008

Meet Ti

  • Who's Ti ?
  • A girl
  • A girl...What is she doing here?
  • She's here because I want so.
  • Why?
  • Because she's very important to me.
  • You told me about some other persons that are important to you.
  • Are only 4 of them. Luci, Tia, Mell and my mother.
  • This that girl that you told she's your desk mate?
  • Yes.
  • And Luci? Who is him?
  • My best friend. I`ll tell you about him, but some other time.
  • Why?
  • Because now I want to talk about Ti.
  • OK. I suppose that Ti or Tia is just a nickname. What's her real name?
  • Uh'...I don't know I should tell you.
  • Come on. Please. Pretty Please!
  • Andrada.
  • Is a cute name. But is kind of ordinary.
  • So?
  • So...nothing. I like her nickname.
  • Me too. I picked it.
  • Really? Nice. From the picture, I see that she is really cute.
  • She's the cutest thing on earth.
  • That was like "The nicest thing" from Kate Nash. Do you like Kate Nash?
  • Yes.
  • Does she like Kate Nash?
  • I think so.
  • What kind of music does she listen?
  • reggae, dnb, indie, ska, punk
  • Oh' lot of kinds. Has a favorite band?
  • Macka B, I think.
  • Your favorite?
  • I don't have one.
  • Do you have a favorite song?
  • Everybody does.
  • Wich?
  • Morcheeba- Enjoy the ride.
  • Oh' I like that song. Her favorite?
  • She told me but I forgot.
  • Oh' how could you? Shame on you.
  • It`s not a tragedy.
  • If you say so. Are you sure she won't mind reading this?
  • We love each other too much to argue from this thing. And beside she will loose her present.
  • Sounds interesting. What present?
  • That's a secret. I won't tell you.
  • Does she have a boyfriend?
  • I won't talk about it. It's private.
  • Do you have one?
  • Haha! Don't bother.
  • Here is she living?
  • Constanta.
  • Uh'... In the far far away kingdom.
  • Kind of.
  • And how you two met?
  • She's my cousin.

  • Oh. I see. But how do you two keep in touch? I mean Constanta is really far.
  • I know, but she has grandparents here and she's visiting "them" in every vacation.
  • That's a cute thing. And you. Have you ever visited her?
  • Oh I did. And those days remain special moments.
  • Uh' that's so nice. Who's that boy?
  • That's Marius. Her best friend and a good one for me.
  • What was the thing that maked you so close?
  • I think that night with that dangerous experiment. We have a little secret.
  • Secrets again and a again.
  • Those make a friendship stronger.
  • You're right. I start to like this girl.
  • Everybody likes her. She's special.
  • :)

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nekta spunea...

linnu-i linn si iarasi linn......daca tot suntem in spiritul sarbatorilor :)
linnule foooarte misto textuletul asta despre Ti, prietena ta o sa te iubeasca si mai mult.
daca se poate mai mult de atat.
esti o tipa foarte usor de iubit.

Ti Technology spunea...

Linn , love

I'm super Ti !Ma cher,stii ca un "documentar" despre mine nu ma va face sa te iubesc mai mult decat o fac deja , pentru ca nu se poate mai mult de atat,te iubesc pana la capat . Te super-iubesc ! Love you so ... sunt atatea moduri in care pot sa it spun ca tin la tine dar prefer sa o demonstrez , vorbele nu insemna nimic.See you soon.


larii`s spunea...

m`ash da la varata unpic. :> :))

Ti Technology spunea...

Lari , faptu-i consumat ! =]

lariiii spunea...


lariiii spunea...

linn daca cumva te intrebi din gresheala dc tot timpu dau comm de pe alt user :-? raspunsul e: pentru ca imi tot uit parola :(((((

Ti Technology spunea...

si pt ca este mai prostut el asa , stii =]

lariiii spunea...

Blogger lariiii spunea...

numai vorbesc cu tia , motivele sunt evidente :D de parca tu nu tziai uita parola da infn :-j

04 decembrie 2008 00:54

lariiii spunea...

aici ii era locul :D

Linn spunea...

nu sunteti normali:))