joi, 12 martie 2015

I miss you letter from Mary.

I miss you, my lovely girl! I miss you so much! Your skin your hugs your silly but stunningly pretty smile, your fluffy yet dirty hair, your clothes that complete my wardrobe ( and think about this! Mine complete yours sometimes) I miss your strength your wanna be bitchy attitude. Why wannabe? Because you have such a loving soul. It's innocent. And pure. And I love you for that. And in these desperate moments I need your breath-taking advice and motivational theory. I need your presence. I need my sister. I need you. And you have to search and work hard and don't let yourself down. If you want to work, do it. If you want driver license, get those shitty money. But the most important thing if you want to be happy, do something. Don't wait for it. Don't wait for a change. Be the change in your life!

Right back atcha' lil sis :*